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  • Quality Internal Medicine for Common Senior Pet Problems

    It is essential to provide quality internal medicine as pets grow old. Minor illnesses and other concerns are common in older animals, but more severe diseases include diabetes, dental disease, Cushing's disease, cataracts, glaucoma, and arthritis. To address the health needs of senior pets, Westlands Veterinary Clinic offers senior pet care services for cats and dog's age 8 or higher.

    As our pets grow older, their immune systems do not work or fight disease. This means they are more likely to get sick or injured and have a severe illness. To ensure your furry friend is healthy, Westlands Veterinary Clinic recommends coming in for a veterinary wellness exam twice a year.

    Your senior pet comprehensive exam will include:

    • A thorough physical
    • Nutritional Advice
    • Dental Exam
    • Check for Intestinal parasites and worms
    • Required vaccinations  
  • Senior Pet Comprehensive Checkup

    Our team will give your senior pet a comprehensive check-up which includes testing for common age-related conditions that can be difficult to detect usually:

    • Bloodwork: A comprehensive blood workup can determine your senior pet's age-related conditions such as liver disease, diabetes, or kidney disease.
    • X-rays: Provide us with a clear, inside look at the body that cannot be seen during a physical examination. This can help us keep track of bone growth, bone or joint degeneration, and organ size.
    • Urinalysis: A urinalysis gives you essential information about your pet's health. It can detect liver disease, diabetes, and possibly urinary tract infections.
    • Glaucoma Screening: Glaucoma screening is a quick and easy test for senior pets. It can help prevent blindness.
  • Pain Management

    It can be emotionally painful to watch our senior pets suffer from health conditions or injuries that cause pain.

    At Westlands Veterinary Clinic, we offer pain management services tailored to senior pets. With advanced technology and diagnostics, we pinpoint the pain's source and cause, then create a custom treatment plan.

    Our tailored pain management treatments may include:

    • Non-steroidal medications
    • Narcotics
    • Supplements like glucosamine, chondroitin, fish oils