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  • Pet Health Certificates For Local and International Travel

    For travel within Kenya and International Travel, don't hesitate to get in touch with us as soon as you plan your travel details to discuss your pet's travel process.

    There are many factors here to consider:

    • Requirements for interstate and international travel – obtaining the necessary health certificate and other requirements.
    • Keep in mind that many of these documents require you to get certain treatments within a certain time, so please make sure you discuss with us first so that we can assist in this process.
    • Updating all necessary vaccinations.
    • Diagnostic testing if necessary.
    • Administration of medications/treatments as per the travel requirement documents.
    • Please make sure you research what each requirement is for pets for where you are going.
    • Contacting a door-to-door pet travel service will help you with the necessary paperwork and requirements, often making the process easier than if you were to handle it all yourself.

    At Westlands Veterinary Clinic, we are fully licensed and able to help you complete the health certificate and other documents to make sure your pet has met all the necessary requirements for travel.