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  • 8 Really Good Reasons To Adopt Not Shop

    We are approaching a better time in Kenya, where animal advocacy is making great strides and progress. After too many years of blatant and unregulated animal cruelty, rabies, over-population, and many other factors, animal rights awareness is becoming a real factor. Realizing that our pets are also deserving of honor and dignity is the right direction. We may yet still have a long way to go, but the roads have already been paved, and as a community, we can each do our part.

    With the rise of animal advocacy, legislation on illegal selling and breeding of dogs, and all the conversation surrounding whether you should buy or adopt a dog, it is essential to make an informed decision when you are contemplating adding a new pet member to your family.

    Most people first think of picking up a puppy or kitten from a breeder, or they see a breed they think is cute, or fun and want that breed without any knowledge of the needs that breed may have, the suitability of that breed with your lifestyle, and the health concerns surrounding the breed.

    At Westlands Veterinary Clinic, we strongly advocate and recommend that you consider adoption, and here are the main reasons why:

    1. You will SAVE A LIFE! Animal Shelters are filled with animals who have been abandoned, lived in deplorable conditions on the street, come from abusive homes, or came from an unplanned and unwanted litter. Do you have any idea how many of these poor animals must be euthanized each year because nobody wants them? In all honesty, we have a moral obligation and responsibility to these animals that were treated wrongly through no fault of their own. Giving them shelter and love in our hearts and homes, we are giving them what they deserve.
    2. Save on your wallet and soul. Did you know that it costs far less to rescue a pet from a shelter than buying one? All shelters offer spay /neuter, vaccinations, deworming, and other services at a significantly reduced cost. Keep in mind that purebred dogs and cats have years of inbreeding, which can mean they suffer from a wide range of genetic issues. A mixed-breed generally does not have many issues (depending on the abuse or neglect) and can help save you money in vet bills in the long run as well.
    3. Help prevent overpopulation. When you adopt, you have made the right choice to care for a lovely pet that already needs a home, love, and support instead of bringing another puppy into this world. There is a severe worldwide problem with the over-population of pets that no one wants, and you can help by doing your little bit to see that animals can receive the care they so deserve.
    4. Be an advocate to STOP puppy mills. Due to the highly popularized demand for having a "puppy," there are many unethical breeders that will abuse a dog by breeding it too frequently, providing deplorable conditions and nutrition, little or no medical care, and their puppies are weaned too early. These poor animals with no voice are kept in extremely closed spaces for long periods of time, neglected, and ignored. When you adopt a dog, you are helping curb the demand for these illegal breeders.
    5. Puppies are A LOT of work. Yes, they are definitely cute – but they require a lot of care, attention, training, medical expenses – just like having a child. You may not have the time, patience, money, or inclination for this, and when you adopt, you get a pet that is already house-trained and well taken care of from a shelter. Adult dogs are likely to know basic commands and are calmer. You can find a pet that suits your personality and lifestyle.
    6. Your pet will SAVE YOU. We are quite often under the misguided impression that we are the ones to save a pet and then quickly realize that the pet saved us. It showed us love, loyalty, and compassion of a caliber we cannot find in humans, and they will fulfill you and complete you. Your pet will be the most profound source of love and joy in your life.
    7. Kindness just makes you a BETTER person. They often say you can judge a person's true character by their kindness to animals. As a suffering planet, we all need to find space for compassion, empathy, and charitable acts if we are to progress and elevate our moral duty as humans instead of regressing.
    8. BE THE ANIMAL ADVOCATE ROLE MODEL FOR OTHERS. Imagine the kind of wonderful example you are setting to others by doing the responsible thing by adopting? You are setting an important example, and by this, you encourage others to do the same. The ripple effect of this gesture will multiply, and we can be united in this community effort to save even more neglected, abandoned, and abused animals.
  • Animal Advocacy, Welfare, Rescue and Adoption Organizations In Kenya

    At Westlands Veterinary Clinic, we applaud and salute these organizations for the great strides they have taken in animal advocacy, animal welfare, animal rights, reduced medical care, rescues, and adoptions in Kenya. They have engaged in mass campaigns to sterilize pets, deworm, and help towards eradicating rabies.

    These charity organizations are run by selfless volunteers that go above and beyond to care for neglected, abused, and abandoned animals and help alleviate their suffering. We can all do our part by supporting these organizations with whatever donations we can, so they can continue their fantastic work. Please visit these organizations to learn more about them and to find your new adopted forever buddy.